Our Company

Marriage Link Consult (M-Link Consult) is a registered marriage relationship consult service based in Accra. We are here to serve both local and foreign residents in their quest to find marriage partners, using a combination of technology and direct human interface to achieve credibility, reliability and confidentiality.

M-LINK Consult has been set up to respond to social challenges associated with finding, nurturing, and keeping the right marriage relationships. We DO NOT exist to promote pleasure-dating. Rather, we are here to facilitate the identification and marriage of serious and ready partners. In that regard, our focus is on the ready-to-marry man or woman to find the best partner that they can live with in a harmonious and enduring marriage relationship.

As part of our commitment to keep to truthful, authentic and genuine needs of our clients, we reserve the right to reject registration of Applicants who we suspect to be fraudulent or do not meet our ethical and honest standards of eligibility.

We deploy a strong filter process that involves both a computerized system and human interface. In order to protect our Clients, our team will investigate each claims made by Clients at the time of registration in terms of who they are, where they stay, what they do among others. To you, the ready-to-marry lady or gentleman, we say worry no more. We are here to help you find the best marriage partner in Ghana

Our Vision

A society where peace and love abounds in everywhere

Our Mission

We exist to promote happiness in marital relationships. We do this by helping to reduce challenges associated with identifying the right life partners for our clients. planning and organizing marriage events and sustaining marriages.

Core Values


Our staff are courteous, and have been trained to exhibit highest professional standards in our dealings with clients. You can escalate a complaint to Management of M-Link Consult if need be.


We protect your identity by entering into a confidentiality agreement with you through the format of our service provision. We commit not to share your photos or publish your name


We assure our Clients of absolute reliability. In that regard, we keep constant communication with our Clients to ensure that what they really want is what we are suggesting for them.

M-LINK in the Media

Once again, thank you for your unwavering support and dedication. Our media partnership remains a cornerstone of our success, and we are committed to nurturing this relationship for years to come.