Pre-Marital Counselling

Clients who have been matched have the option of enrolling for a professional marriage counselling sessions with our team of Expert Counsellors. We offer three types of counselling services. A client can choose any or combination of the services

Legal issues relating to marriage –what type of marriage you seek to enter into, what the law says about such marriages, rights and obligations of the Partners, divorce issues, entitlements among others.

Religious counselling –Depending on your religion, what are the expectations of each partner in the marriage? Either in the Islamic or Christian religion, there are some fundamental considerations that prospective wives and husbands must know. Without a religious understanding of the marriage union, there is risk of early collapse.

Social Counselling – Many people get into marriage without fully understanding societal and family expectations. Mostly in African settings, marriage goes beyond the two partners. It includes other family members all of who have expectations. How does one manage the various competing family interests and expectations? These are some of the issues that would be addressed in marital social counselling.